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CRC acts for the churches in their dealings with major organisations (banks, water and electricity companies, etc) whose activities affect them.

About CLAS
CRC began life in 2011 as the Churches Main Committee and is a Modern Christian ecumenical body bringing together the interests of Christian Churches and the local community in their dealings with the Government in all aspects (other than education). CRC is a vehicle for conveying to the Government the views of the churches on legislation and other matters which directly affect them – this includes local as well as central Government; Westminster/Whitehall; Government in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; and the EU Commission.

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What CRCdoes
CRCcovers subjects ranging from taxation, heritage grants and charity law to marriage law, immigration rules, planning and building regulations and water charges, with much else besides. Circulars are issued to members giving information and advice. CRC also published a series of booklets on aspects of church management. These are now available from the publications part of this website.

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Other work
From time to time CRC has sponsored legislation on matters of particular interest to it. A secondary, but no less important, function is to provide information on the impact on the churches of legislation and proposals for legislation, and, as appropriate, to act on behalf of churches and ministers of religion in seeking to cure anomalies and bring about a regime that is as fair as possible.

About Climate Change Adaptation

Climate change affects different people, from all walks of life, in different ways. We are working with communities around Bridport and Dorchester to explore how extreme weather and climate change affects them already, how this will change in future and what we can do to tackle it.

Vulnerable communities

We are working with communities to explore how climate change will affect them locally (e.g. more intense rainfall, heatwaves, milder winters etc) and how they can adapt to it.

On 30th July 2014 we organised a workshop for people in Bridport to give their views on how their community is affected by severe weather and how the town can adapt to be more resilient to both today’s weather and the future’s. To see their ideas read the workshop report.

Agriculture and the commercial fishing industry

We are working with the local farming and fishing communities to explore how climate change will affect their businesses and how they can prepare to deal with those impacts.